It's amazing how quickly tomorrow becomes ten years ago. I didn't realize the validity of that statement until I had my two children.

As a girl, I loved art. I studied Fine Art and Design in college. After earning my bachelor's in Fine Art, I worked in the marketing & design field for 14 years. My graphic design background has certainly pronounced itself in my style. My artistic experience is diverse. But nothing intrigues me like photography. It is my favorite medium as an artist! After a decade+ of shooting, I now focus mostly on weddings and babies. They are the two happiest things on the planet. 

My job is chock full of emotion. Inspiration. Purpose. Sometimes it is in a quiet moment alone with my camera - off the clock - that I reconnect my heart to my soul. Sometimes it is in a very tender moment when a mother dances with her son at his wedding reception, and she cries as the man that holds her in his arms was once the baby she held on her hips. Sometimes it is in a baby's smile as they drift off to sleep that I am reminded how precious life is. Sometimes it is when I am barking like a dog to get a 6 month old's attention. And other times it is in seeing two lovers kiss with no need for direction for my lens - because they are simply... in love.  

We only get one life. One irrevocable chance to capture it. One beautiful opportunity to live it. 
Journey on...

Photo credit: © Katie Whitcomb Photographers | 2014