As a girl, I loved art. I studied Fine Art and Design in college. After earning my bachelor's in Fine Art, I worked in the marketing & design field for 14 years. My artistic experience is diverse. But nothing intrigues me like photography. It has been my only job for the last 8 years, full-time.

I specialize in engagements, weddings, babies and boudoir. I have traveled as far as Germany for a wedding.

I just really, really love LOVE. I love couples in love. I love to document love. I love to document self-love. 

My Mariposa line was created to empower and elevate women to their greatest self-love. To document their journey and transformation beautifully, elegantly. We cannot truly love others unless we first love ourselves. In this photo taken by Thistle and Lace Photography, I am in my studio holding a vintage camera, in an old black consignment store dress. My dogbite scar (13 stitches just that one alone) on my forehead from when I was five. Same scar I used to try to hide or photoshop out of all of my photos, until my husband told me it was beautiful... and that it made me badass. All of these things say a lot about who I am. I love old things, I love familiar spaces, I embrace all that I am, class and... badass. 

I love my family, my furbabies, sunshine, music, running, wine, coffee, Meditteranean food, Egyptian history, Art Deco, Frank Lloyd Wright, Chicago, tattoos and Toffifay.

We only get one life. One irrevocable chance to capture it. One beautiful opportunity to live it. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to exist in photos.

Journey on...

Featured on: WeddingDay Magazine, Rock n Roll Bride, Moody Radio, Kraft & Jute and world-wide documentary, Muerte Es Vida, a film by Ali Alvarez available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo

Filmmaker Ali Alvarez explores the relationship between the journey of the Monarch butterfly, the deaths of individual people, and the celebration of Day of the Dead.

Muerte Es Vida

Being in this documentary was an unbelievable experience for me. My paths crossed with the producer when a friend mentioned that my story with monarch butterflies paralleled what this producer was looking for. People who had lost loved ones... and ironically shortly after had a visit from a monarch butterfly. Butterflies represent - in many cultures - the souls of our beloveds who have come to visit us. Please read the tribute on my website. My sister died when she was 28. She was killed in a car accident. My monarch butterfly on my website and in my branding is in honor of her.. and how my story ties into this film.


Photo credit: © Thistle & Lace Photography | Adina Brown