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Alicia + Taylor SURPRISE PROPOSAL! Kercher's Orchards This was the first surprise proposal I have ever photographed. 

To say I was nervous was an understatement! I felt like Taylor was more chill about proposing to Alicia than I was documenting it! Haha. 

My heart was beating so fast... and I was crying - what a rush of amazing LOVE. These two have something so freaking special. I'm just so honored that Taylor contacted me and wanted to surprise Alicia in this way! If you missed the video I made for them of the actual surprise proposal, well my gosh go see it! Well, first look at these beautiful photos. :) This session will make your heart swell. Love is an amazing thing you guys...

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Jamie & Colin | Engaged

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Ann + Ramez | 04.25.18 | Cairo, Egypt How did I book a wedding in Egypt? 

That's a question I've gotten a lot here lately. It's not my first international wedding. I shot in Germany in 2015. My client (and now friend) Swea found me via Facebook. She loved my work. We became penpals. When she got engaged she asked me, would it be possible for you to shoot my wedding? 

The awesome thing about self-employment is you get to decide what you take on, and the trade or arrangements to make it happen! 

So we worked it out and there I was shooting in Germany!

Fast forward a few years later, my husband and I had been planning to go to Egypt to see the country and the pyramids. It had been a life-long dream for me. Just so happens that our tour-guide that was recommended to us was friends with the family we were staying with, well, he was getting married the same week we would be there.

I asked - did he have a wedding photographer? 

And the rest is history... :) 

Egypt is a fascinating country. The history is so much to take in. When you are standing in front of the pyramids, it's a magical, profoundly unequivicable experience that sits deep in your soul even long after you've left. It's life-changing. 

Ann and Ramez trusted me with one of THE most important days of their life! They didn't know me, but the knew I would be there. And they liked my work. I am so thankful they gave me the opportunity to show them that I could capture their day in a lovely way. They were WONDERFUL to work with. The first few days there we met up to shoot an engagement session outside of the pyramids. Ramez knows the best locations as he is a tour guide...and the spot he found in the desert was amazing. What a day I will never forget, shooting that engagement session. It was a dream come true. You can find that session here!

Their wedding day was beautiful. So so very lovely. Ann is beautiful, kind, so full of grace. Ramez is animated, well-spoken and confident. They make an amazing pair. I loved the details of their day. The church was packed. And there are some differences in their culture that I had to get accustomed to with weddings pretty quickly. :) Like for example, the photographers there and videographers there are RIGHT UP on the bride and groom and the ceremony itself. Even during the processional. Thankful I had my wide lens on so I could get great photos of the processional. Here in the states, we try to be ninjas, stay out of the way or even from being in anyone's view. I wear all black for this very reason. But there it is NOT that way. Photographers and videographers are front and center, and even on stage right up on the Bride and Groom. Lol. NOT my comfort zone... but I did get the shots I wanted and I was in way closer than my norm. I am very pleased with what I got! Some other differences are the ceremony itself, lots of singing and people are very interactive. Overall, Christian weddings in Egypt are very simiilar to the Christian weddings we have here. Lots more singing. Both Ann and Ramez sang! And they have beautiful voices. I especially loved that Ramez serenaded Ann and sang to her at their reception. But what an amazing experience to see and document a wedding there. I studied about Coptic Egypt in college for my fine art courses. I was fascinated with Egypt as a girl, and of course in college I dove more into the Coptic history of the country. And while Egypt is a predominantly Arabic speaking country, English is a 2nd language there and both of my clients spoke it fluently. (Thankfullllll for that haha because I don't know a lick of Arabic!) OH ALSO... they don't do a first kiss, they do a hug after the ceremony. And Ramez DID give Ann a kiss on the cheek which was SO SWEET. Didn't want y'all Americans thinking I missed any kind of first kiss on a wedding day! Haha. <3 Just another different part of their day from weddings here. 

What a dream. What a beautifully in-love couple. 

And y'all KNOW I LOVED THE FOOD. hahaha. So so good you guys. I could totally live with that kind of food 24/7. Favorite wedding meal of ALL TIME. You guys, tabouleh was involved. Lol. First time at a wedding I have ever had my favorite mediterranean salad of all time.

THANK YOU ANN AND RAMEZ.... for everything. For your trust. Your willingness to follow my direction... for your welcoming me into your country and making me feel like an old friend. I now have two new friends in Egypt, thankful for that. You are both so very loved, that was evident. I wish you the best, the VERY BEST in your journey together, always. 


Church: The Evangelical Church in Heliopolis, Egypt
Reception: The Four Seasons First Residence, Cairo

PS, this first photo was the view from our hotel room balcony. <3
Special thanks to my husband Paul for making this epic journey with me and assisting me at this wedding.

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Ann + Ramez | Engaged, Cairo, Egypt

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Miami | Personal 2018 is the year of travel. 

It was Iceland, then Miami, then Egypt.. Croatia and Alaska next.

This trip was special though because I got to take it with my girl. Just us. 

We stayed on South Beach, ate Cuban food (good Lord those plantains!), walked the beaches every day and soaked up the sun. We found apple pie at a cute diner. We walked the strip. Literally saw sharks in the beach - swimming up and down the beach. We freaked out about that and ten minutes later saw them come through again. And yet a third time in which we thought a momma and her two kids might be in danger. Oh the adrenaline. That was scary. And it made me re-think ocean swimming for awhile lol. We needed more Cuban food to calm our nerves after that. I tried Smokey Mezcal and mango for the first time. WINNING. We rode bikes up and down South Beach. After the third rental I got one that worked lol. Worth it.

We also visited Vizcaya Museum. What a mansion! We spent a good chunk of time just wandering around and shooting together. Love seeing her be creative with a camera. Girl has an amazing eye. I didn't doubt it... She's my kid. ;)

The lights, the sounds, the smells. And my girl who was in love with the palm trees and often stopped to hug them. 

Thankful for an amazing trip. Thankful for the time we had and for the seashells and beachglass we collected.

Thankful even for the sand we still had in our shoes when we got home as I unpacked. Made me laugh and smile a bittersweet smile. Kids grow too fast. 

That trip was a special one. I love my daughter and I'm thankful for opportunities like this where I can spend time with just her. 

She's an amazing young lady. I'm so proud of her. And I love her so very much. And each year she's maturing into the woman she's yet to be. It will always seem to me like she is still my girl with pig tails and the cutest dimples you ever saw... but I know that time passes too quickly. 

Being a momma will always be the best opportunity I've ever been given in this life.

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Kate & Anthony's Wedding | 04.14.18  

Hair and Makeup: Salon Nouveau

Florist: Poppies

Videographer and Reception Music: R&S Entertainment

Ceremony Venue: St. Pius X

Reception Venue: Riverside Terrace

Cake and desserts: Macri’s Bakery

Dress: Simply Yours Bridal

Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

First Dance Song: “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Favorite part of the day: Kate- When I first saw Anthony at the end of the aisle as I walked with my dad

Anthony- The first kiss as a married couple. 

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{Josephiney Wedding Workshop 2018} Ahhh, loved going through these images again! We had some gorgeous models, some amazing vendors. Thankful for all of the workshop participants that came out to learn, each of them were wonderful to work with. And even though weather was cloudy and a bit cold, we got some wonderful images. The workshop was a full day and this is my third annual wedding workshop! I love teaching others what I've learned in over a decade of shooting weddings!

Special thanks to: 

Models // Couple 1: Julia and Jason

Models // Couple 2: Olivia and Steve

Florist // Flowers by Phoebe

Decor // Brass Cactus

Cake // Sweet Em's Cake Shoppe

Dress on Julia: BHLDN

Venue // Flophouse, Goshen

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Christopher & Andrew's Wedding | 03.17.18    

Coordinator: Christopher Hillak

Florist: MerryMe Events

Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of Saint James - South Bend

Reception Venue: The Brick

Reception Music: ProShow

Cake: Macri’s Bakery

Attire: Grooms - Kilt and bow ties made by A Wee Bit Warped, tux rented from Kilt Rental USA;

Groomsmen - Tux rented from Men’s Warehouse, bow ties made by A Wee Bit Warped

Groomsmaids - Dresses from David’s Bridal, hair design by Melissa Markovich (Salon C)

Groomsman/Ring Bearer - Tux/kilt rented from Kilt Rental USA, bow tie made my A Wee Bit Warped

Flowergirl - Aran sweater dress knit by Janice Rajski, hair design by Melissa Markovich (Salon C)

First Dance Song: Dream a Little Dream of Me (Michael Buble)

Favorite Part of the Day: Andrew - getting ready together; Christopher - visiting my 104 year old great-grandmother; experiencing all of the planning transformed into the perfect day that my husband and I, as well as our family and friends, really enjoyed.

Caterer: Navarre Hospitality Group

Hotel: Aloft

Rentals (chair, linen, dinnerware): Aay’s Event Rentals

Centerpieces: IKEA (candles), MerryMe Events (flowers)

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Julia and Kiel's Wedding | 02.03.18

Wedding Coordinator - The bride and groom with incredible help from both sides of the family
Hair - Maria Thompson Studio at Sola Salon
Makeup - Camellia Cosmetics
Florist  - LB Floristry
Ceremony Venue - St Patrick Catholic Church (South Bend)
Reception Venue  - The Armory
Reception Music  - Jim Renner
Cake - C'est La Vie Cakes
Dress - BHLDN
Bridesmaid Attire  - Adrianna Papell (Macys Bridal)
Groom/Groomsmen Attire - The Black Tux 
First Dance Song - How Sweet It Is (James Taylor) 
Favorite Part of the Day - We loved our first kiss, especially when he followed it up with the forehead kiss. Having our friends and family there to celebrate meant the world to us, but those little moments that we had with each other by ourselves and to take in the moment and the commitment, is what really sticks out to us after the fact. 

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{Samantha + Lucas | 12.29.17} South Bend


Wedding Coordinator • Amanda Mentz
Hair • Salon Nouveau
Makeup • Salon Nouveau
Florist • Camille's of Bristol
Ceremony Venue • St. Joe County Courthouse
Reception Venue • Tippecanoe Place
Reception Music • Tippecanoe Place's music
Cake • Macri's Italian Bakery
Dress • Simply Your's/Stella York
Groom/Groomsmen Attire • Men's Warehouse/Ralph Lauren
First Dance Song • I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by: Sleeping At Last
Favorite Part of the Day • Hearing my father-in-law welcome me into the family with his heartfelt speech

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{Zachary + Morgan's Wedding | 12.15.17} The Armory, South Bend Wedding Coordinator • Merry Me Events
Hair • Salon Nouveau
Makeup • Salon Nouveau
Florist • Merry Me Events
Videographer • Accent Photography
Ceremony Venue • The Armory
Reception Venue • The Armory
Reception Music • Pro Show
Cake • Carmella's Bakery
Dress • Simply Yours Bridal 
Bridesmaid Attire • Carol Helmuth
Groom/Groomsmen Attire • Simply Yours Bridal
Favorite Part of the Day • First Look and Walking out of the ceremony

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In honor of what we believe will be an incredible year... Josephiney Photography and Leah Trib Productions have paired up in an AMAZING giveaway for one lucky couple to win... both wedding day photography AND videography totaling at a combined value of well over $7,000. Both Josephiney Photography and Leah Trib Productions are well seasoned artists in their craft with many years of experience and styles that compliment one another. We believe (and we may be a bit biased) that photo and video are one of the BIGGEST parts of your day when it comes to preserving your memories! We are SO excited to team up with this amazing offering. 

What one lucky couple will receive:


• Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage with one photographer (Joanne/Josephiney)
• 1 hour complimentary engagement session with digitals
• Wedding planner guide PDF 
• Timeline consultation
• High-resolution, edited images placed on a downloadable online gallery for both engagement and wedding day galleries
• Capability to order prints directly from your online gallery! {Great for family and friends!}
• Custom flash drive hosting your digital images in addition to the online gallery

($3,500 value)







• Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage with one videographer (Leah Tribbett)
• 30-second engagement teaser video
• Speeches recorded 
• 5-7 min highlight video online
• Custom flash drive hosting your highlight video and speeches

($3,700 value)






E-MAIL ME AT JOSEPHINEYPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM with the word "GIVEAWAY" in the subject header &


• Your first and last names
• Where you are currently located
• Your wedding date - must be a date that is available for both Josephiney Photography & Leah Trib Productions
• The locations of your ceremony and reception (within USA!)
• A photo of the two of you together
• Your personal love story (who you are, how you met, the engagement, what you two like to do together)
• Why do you want to win
• Any details about your wedding you have planned, your specific style


• Follow us on Instagram: @josephineyphotography@leahtribproductions
• Like our business pages on Facebook: &
• Go to Josephiney Photography on Facebook and look for the floral photo/blogpost at the top that says WEDDING GIVEAWAY! and hit the SHARE button and SHARE it on your Facebook!
• Extra considerations if you also share our post on IG too! Be sure to look for the floral photo on our IG that says WEDDING GIVEAWAY! and repost it tagging our businesses and tell us that you want to win! Please also use the hashtag #JandLeahgiveaway
• Lastly, leave a comment here on this blogpost saying you did all of these things!

Other important details you may need to know before entering:

• Only new clients who are not under contract with Josephiney Photography, LLC and Leah Trib Productions are eligible for this giveaway.
• Those entering giveaway cannot be currently or previously booked with another wedding photographer/videographer.
• Wedding must take place between October 1, 2018
to October 1, 2019.

2018: Certain dates are not available

2019: 1/19, 6/29, 8/10 are unavailable

• Any wedding and engagement located outside 100 miles from zipcode 46526 will be required to pay travel and accommodation expenses for both Josephiney Photography, LLC and Leah Trib Productions.

• Contracts must be signed with both Josephiney Photography, LLC and Leah Trib Productions within two weeks of winning, along with any applicable travel expense retainers paid.

• Facebook and Instagram are not affiliated with this giveaway. Giveaway is administered and sponsored solely by Josephiney Photography, LLC and Leah Trib Productions. 

When & how will the winner be chosen?:

Entries will be accepted until February 27, 2018, 11:59pm EST. The winner will be contacted February 28th. The winning couple will be chosen based on their story, the reason for entry and per Josephiney Photography's and Leah Trib Productions selection. So be thoughtful, honest and creative. Leah and I can't wait to hear from you!


Joanne Csakany & Leah Tribbett

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Seemit + Jacqueline's Wedding | 11.5.17 The Brick


Wedding Coordinator • My best friend Rachel Smith
Hair • Salon Nouveau Granger
Makeup • Me
Florist • Snapdragon Designs 
Ceremony Venue • The Brick
Reception Venue • The Brick
Reception Music • Spotify
Cake • Martins
Dress • ASOS
Groom/Groomsmen Attire • Express
First Dance Song • Call It Dreaming by Iron and Wine 
Favorite Part of the Day • Our first look was such an amazing experience. I think it finally hit us that after 5 years of partnership, we were getting married! It was such an emotional and perfect moment. 



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Cody + Charlie's Wedding | 10.14.17


Wedding Coordinator • Myself
Hair •Beth Medina from Twisted Salon
Makeup •Lips and Lashes by Crazy Aimee
Florist •Myself, most flowers came from local South Bend Farmer's market from Lemler Valley Farms. Dried hops came from our Unity garden 
Ceremony Venue • Century Center, Recital Hall
Reception Venue • The Brick
Reception Music • EA Pro Music
Mini Beer infused desserts- Ada Mae's Sweets, Granger IN
Dress • Sophia Tolli, Blushing Bride on 17
Bridesmaid Attire • After Six, Here comes the Dress, Chesterton IN
Groom/Groomsmen Attire • Vera Wang, Men's Warehouse
First Dance Song • Is this Love, Bob Marley
Favorite Part of the Day •

I actually had two! My great friend's husband recommended that we take a few minutes during the reception and go off together and just to take everything all in. It was the best advice ever! As Charlie and I looked down upon everyone my heart felt so full! To have almost all the people we love and cherish join together in our celebration under one roof was amazing! Guests traveled from 18 states and 3 countries! Incredible!

Second, was dancing with my 83 year old grandmother on the dance floor. Not only was she the First one out there to dance, she was the last one out there as well! Her out there cuttin a rug brought everyone's booty out there to dance! Friend's are still talking about how much fun she was to dance with. Our day was a great reminder that "When you love what you have, you have Everything you need"

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{Brittany + Mitch | 10.07.17} Amish Acres


Hair • Nicholas J Salon & Spa 
Makeup • Nicholas J Salon & Spa 
Florist • Beautifloral by Chantelle Hartman 
Videographer • Our Wedding Movie 
Ceremony Venue • Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre 
Reception Venue • Amish Acres Historic Farm and Heritage Resort 
Reception Music • 27 Entertainment 
Cake • C’est la vie 
Dress • David’s Bridal 
Bridesmaid Attire • Weddington Way and Azazie 
Groom/Groomsmen Attire • Men’s Warehouse  
First Dance Song • I Choose You by Sara Bareilles 
Favorite Part of the Day •  OMG I loved the entire day so much, but seeing Mitch for our first look was probably my favorite :) 


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Mykal + Cortney | Engaged

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{Baby Kennedy | 6M Session} Studio

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{Baby Bailey | Newborn} Studio

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