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Have you ever heard of a snowflake baby? 

I shot Staci & Gerard's wedding years ago. When I shot their maternity I didn't know the journey they had been on. Matter of fact, I didn't know until they told me when they all arrived at the studio with Staci's sister, Angi, how sweet Emmie came to be. I cried. A few times there and also as I edited again, and after making the slideshow/video. It's just such an incredible story... I felt so honored that they wanted me to photograph them and show just how special Emmie is.. how loved she is! 

Below is the story Staci - Emmie's momma - sent me to share...
If you haven't seen the slideshow/video yet that tells about their journey you can find that here:


"Our purpose in this photoshoot and sharing our story is not for any other reason than for our baby to grow up loving her story and embracing it. We never want her beginning to define her, but to encourage her. We hope that she will never question how much she is loved and was longed for. Her story is our life’s greatest story…and she’s just getting started. This girl is going to do amazing things! And we can’t wait to be a part of all the magic along the way.
Emmalyn James "Emmie" is our little snowflake baby. The exact definition of a snowflake baby is a baby born that was the result of adopted embryos left over from in vitro fertilization, where the children’s parents were not the original cell donors. Emmie is a variation on this. She was not an adopted embryo, she is one of our own frozen embryos. But she is very much our unique snowflake. Emmie is the result of a little bit of science and a whole lot of love. She has many special people in her life, one of which is her Aunt Angi, my sister and our egg donor. The awesome thing about my sister being our egg donor is that siblings share an extremely high percentage of the same DNA. So even though I can’t naturally conceive a baby, my heart soars every time someone says ‘Your baby has her mommy’s smile’. That’s a gift that I can’t even begin to describe.
We were blessed with our Emmie after 3 years, lots of doctor appointments, lots [and lots and lots and lots] of shots and medication. She was our lucky number 5 IVF attempt and our special rainbow baby [we miscarried twins on our 3rd attempt]. It’s hard to put our journey to have a baby into words. Those were the hardest, longest three years of our lives…but now that our baby girl is here I barely remember it. She’s here. She’s amazing. She was worth the struggle, the wait and the pain. She’s worth it all. God is good. All the time." 



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