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The Lily Project is a giveaway of an entirely free session to document important and beloved furbabies. I do this in honor of my sweet girl Lily who was lost to bloat while being boarded this past January. Lily was a well loved, well documented dog. Sadly she was only six years old when she died. In honor of her, I am giving away a free session to one lucky dog who truly deserves it and wins by most likes on my Facebook page. I am doing this to make sure that - in whatever way I can give back - that I am able to document for someone else, such a big love. Dogs are such amazing, loving, unconditional creatures. Sometimes they love us better than humans do. They deserve to be in photos. Doing this also heals my heart a bit to give back. Lily is missed every day and I will make sure she is never forgotten.

Rabbit had a rough start at life. But he sure hasn't let it get him down. He is the sweetest big boy. Here's the story below that his momma, Breann, submitted. I was happy to see he won. He truly deserved this session. 

196 Likes / 47 Shares Meet Winner Rabbit 

I would like the enter my dog Rabbit into your contest. Rabbit a 7 yr old St. Bernard/Mastiff/Great Dane/German Shepherd. I adopted going on 2 yrs ago this summer. His rescue story is a sad one that starts with my husband and I finding his mother Hope as we named her in the middle of our country road. We found her very malnourished with a body score of 1 which is very emaciated, covered infleas, and barely able to stand. I like to think that God put her in my path for a reason as I am a huge animal advocate, groomer and vet tech. Unfortunately after two day of fighting complications arose and she passed away. Fortunately for her being found and locating the owner miles away away from where she was found saved the life of 3 other dogs in her house one being her son Rabbit. Rabbit was also heartworm and lymes disease positive but thanks to the staff at the St. Joseph County Humane Society he was able to get the treatment he needed and is now heartworm free and was treated for lymes disease. Thanks to a staff member at the Humane Society for letting me know he was there I was able to adopt him and care for him through his heartworm treatment and thanks to South Bend Lost and Found pets for the donations to pay for Hope's care. Rabbit has been a total blessing, he is my protector and constant companion.

During our session, I commented on Breann's tattoo about it being beautiful.. and she said, "Oh it's Hope, Rabbit's mom" and you guys, I totally lost it and started crying. The kind of crying you can't hide behind a camera b/c it's totally evident in your voice that you're crying. I'm not sure if I cried b/c I want a tattoo of my Lily girl? Or if because I feel like I found a person who loves her dog as much as I do mine. Enough to make their image permanent on their skin. It just made me totally cry. But a mix of happy and sad tears. Rabbit is so loved you guys. That... that's the beauty in this story. I am sure his momma would have wanted him to have the home he has. Maybe she held on long enough to make sure Breann found her, in turn finding Rabbit too.

Breann - you are an amazing lady and a true saint - the world needs more people like you.

Breann has a business for grooming dogs. What a wonderful thing it is to do what you love for a living! Be sure to go like her page and show her some love. https://www.facebook.com/primpmypoochmobile/?pnref=lhc



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