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May 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hubby and I took a relaxing vacation. 

Here's what we discovered: 

• Cuban food is the bomb
• Miami at night is quite festive
• There are five million runners on South Beach
• Running on South Beach = dreamy vibes
• Buy one get one free is not what you think
• Overcast skies still = sunburn
• Villa Viscaya is one of the most beautiful mansions in America
• Frequenting a restaurant 3x in one trip means ... it's the best in the area b/c we are foodies who know this stuff
• Weathertight doesn't always mean weathertight
• When you see water coming in on a ship from the ceiling - be concerned
• Norwegian Cruise Line on their ship taking in water: Blaming it on the rain worse than Milli Vanilli
• Sea storm, cocked to the side boat, water coming in by the hundreds of gallons, stateroom with flooded floors = Joanne panic attack
• My husband is calmer than I ever knew and I am not lol
• I have cruised five times but that was Titanic ish
• You thought the line getting on the boat was bad? Try getting off the boat
• All inclusive cruises mean you get to drink all day - mudslides after breakfast - never too soon
• Sun therapy - really all you need
• Blue water and picking up seashells, the smell of salt and sand and sea ... healing
• Coming back home and seeing your kids and furbabies after thinking it might be a new version of Jack and Rose on the Norwegian Sky? 




Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope something here made you smile.