Here are some common questions and answers to help explain my details and policies. 

Q. What kind of photography style do you have?
My style is a bit earthy, a bit ethereal and very emotive. I prefer natural, ambient light and rarely use flash unless necessary.
I got love for self-love.


Q. What kind of packages do you have?
Same day!

Studio sessions are same day. You come in around 11a, (hair and makeup done if you want it) Around noon we start your shoot. By 1:30p you are taking a break at the coffee house across the street (coffee is on me!) and I am sorting and editing your images! Around 2:30/3p I call you back to come see your images and then we go through them together and figure out which collection is best for you! You go home that day with images!!!

Q. Studio?
Yes. I have a GORGEOUS, private space downtown Goshen! I am right next to an amazing full-service salon and have access to several great makeup artists as well that will come to my studio if you prefer! My studio has 20 foot ceilings, tall windows and gorgeous light! There are three rooms we have to work with!

Q. How long have you been photographing?
I started photographing with intent 19 years ago. After my sister died I knew I needed to follow my heart - as life is short - so in May of 2010 it became my only full-time occupation and no longer a hobby/side job. I am SO glad I took the leap. I left a great background in Graphic Design, many years of Marketing - but I have never looked back. This is where I am meant to be. I love to document love, but my heart is most fulfilled in empowering women and seeing them fall in love with themselves again or maybe.... for the first time. In order to effectively love another? We have to love ourselves first.

Q. What's in your bag?
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark II
70-200mm f/2.8 USM IS II L Series
24-70mm f/2.8 L Series
85mm f/1.2
85mm f/1.8
50mm f/1.2 L Series
35mm f/1.2
100 f/2.8 Macro
Canon 600 EXII RT Speedlights

Q. What is most important to you as a photographer?
#1. That I stay true to an art form of personal expression and not deviate from it to make my image similar to someone else's. #2 That in the pursuit of expressing my own personal art form through photography - I make you extremely happy with the end results. I want you to walk away TRANSFORMED... in how you see yourself, in how you love yourself.
 I'll probably chat away with you like an old friend... and in the end? - We'll probably feel like we're old friends, so if you are not ok with social butterflies like myself ... I just might annoy you. I love people and my effort to know you is genuine. I like to be authentic and likewise I like authentic people. In working with women - it is important that you feel I am representing your story well, so it is imperative for me to get to know you.