Josephiney Photography, LLC | About

I could tell you that as a girl, I loved art. That I studied Fine Art and Design in college. And that after earning my bachelor's in Fine Art, I worked in the marketing & design field for 14 years. And that my artistic experience is diverse. And also that photography has been my only job for the last 8 years, full-time.

What I'd rather tell you is the most important part... photography salvaged me. It filled the cracks of my heart. It gave me purpose. Photography is my medium and love my subject. Love is redeeming, even when we've given up hope on it. We can find it again through photography.

I document love... all kinds. Especially self-love.

I have traveled as far as Germany and Egypt for weddings. Travel has changed my life, perspective and given me an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Photography ties it together allowing us to remember the heat early in the day, sipping espresso in a small Croatian village, the way we felt in that moment, the smell of the ocean.

My Mariposa line was created to empower and elevate women to their greatest self-love. To document their journey and transformation beautifully, elegantly. We cannot truly love others unless we first love ourselves. I am not the same woman I was when I was 20 or 30. We are always changing into something more beautiful. A butterfly doesn't become what it is unless it undergoes the isolation and darkness of a chrysalis. Unless it withstands the complete breaking down and reformation... it cannot emerge a new creation. Embrace change. 

My work has been featured on: WeddingDay Magazine, Rock n Roll Bride, Moody Radio, Kraft & Jute and world-wide documentary, Muerte Es Vida, a film by Ali Alvarez available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo

Photo credit: © Angie Monson | Simplicity Photography 2018