The documentary is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo. This experience, this documentary changed my life.

Muerte es Vida Trailer
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Filmmaker Ali Alvarez explores the relationship between the journey of the Monarch butterfly, the deaths of individual people, and the celebration of Day of the Dead.

Being in this documentary was an unbelievable experience for me. My paths crossed with the producer when a friend mentioned that my story with monarch butterflies paralleled what this producer was looking for. People who had lost loved ones... and ironically shortly after had a visit from a monarch butterfly. Butterflies represent - in many cultures - the souls of our beloveds who have come to visit us. Please read the tribute on my website. My sister died when she was 28. She was killed in a car accident. That event changed my life and focus. My monarch butterfly on my website and in my branding is in honor of her.. and how my story ties into this film. Life is a gift.