Makena + Wes // Engaged

November 08, 2018  •  3 Comments

Makena used to babysit my kids years ago. When I shot her senior pictures years ago she knew she wanted to hire me one day when she got married. It always makes me feel a tad bit old, but honored too because this isn't my first senior to become a bride. When she and Wes got engaged she was ecstatic that I would be able to shoot their day.

It was a rainy Sunday, but it was perfect because we met at the coffeeshop that Makena works at - and just also so happens to be where they got engaged. <3 ( I also want to throw out that they allowed us to come in and shoot just for this session because they are normally closed on Sundays. ANNNNND this is my fav coffee house of all time, that's of mention too because you guys... their coffee... and their chocolate cake. Oh my goodness.

The rain didn't bother us as we shot inside. I always observe couples as I work with them. These two.. they have authentic love in spades. They have waited for each other for a long time. They are as made to be as I've ever seen. And trust me when I tell you... I've met a lot of couples you guys.

Not only did we shoot at the coffee house, we hopped over to Coppes Commons which is an old Hoosier Cabinet factory that's been converted into modern-day shops with an old small-town American feel. This history of this old factory is incredible. You can feel it in the air. The light? Well, just look for yourself in the photos below. Magic. I also felt honored to shoot here because I have always loved this venue. I've shot weddings here in the past, but even cooler... Wes has grown up around this place as his family owns Coppes. So his memories of being a kid and wandering this building? They are important and special because this couple has grown to love this place. He said something to Makena at one point during the session that made my heart know he is a good guy. And he's going to treat her well. Wes and Makena were on some steps near a window... he talked about how he had worked on clearing that area and had worked on those steps - had he known that day back then he would be here now with the love of his life.. it would have made all that time passing inbetween easier. She's been worth the wait. And I have a feeling she will tell you the same about him.


Joanne these are amazing! Just beautiful.
Jamie Schrock(non-registered)
AWWW, cutest couple I've ever seen :)
Kyla Schrock(non-registered)
LOVEEEEE THIS SOOO MUCH! What a cute couple
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