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May 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

2018 is the year of travel. 

It was Iceland, then Miami, then Egypt.. Croatia and Alaska next.

This trip was special though because I got to take it with my girl. Just us. 

We stayed on South Beach, ate Cuban food (good Lord those plantains!), walked the beaches every day and soaked up the sun. We found apple pie at a cute diner. We walked the strip. Literally saw sharks in the beach - swimming up and down the beach. We freaked out about that and ten minutes later saw them come through again. And yet a third time in which we thought a momma and her two kids might be in danger. Oh the adrenaline. That was scary. And it made me re-think ocean swimming for awhile lol. We needed more Cuban food to calm our nerves after that. I tried Smokey Mezcal and mango for the first time. WINNING. We rode bikes up and down South Beach. After the third rental I got one that worked lol. Worth it.

We also visited Vizcaya Museum. What a mansion! We spent a good chunk of time just wandering around and shooting together. Love seeing her be creative with a camera. Girl has an amazing eye. I didn't doubt it... She's my kid. ;)

The lights, the sounds, the smells. And my girl who was in love with the palm trees and often stopped to hug them. 

Thankful for an amazing trip. Thankful for the time we had and for the seashells and beachglass we collected.

Thankful even for the sand we still had in our shoes when we got home as I unpacked. Made me laugh and smile a bittersweet smile. Kids grow too fast. 

That trip was a special one. I love my daughter and I'm thankful for opportunities like this where I can spend time with just her. 

She's an amazing young lady. I'm so proud of her. And I love her so very much. And each year she's maturing into the woman she's yet to be. It will always seem to me like she is still my girl with pig tails and the cutest dimples you ever saw... but I know that time passes too quickly. 

Being a momma will always be the best opportunity I've ever been given in this life.


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